MilAir Inc

The MilAIR Advantage - Reliability is now Reality

MilAIR HVAC Systems (also referred to herein as ECU or ECUS) are specifically designed for mobile military applications. Unlike most commercial systems, MilAIR ECUS are rated for operating ambient temperature conditions of 125F or greater. Every component is selected based on extensive MIL-STD-810 environmental capabilities.

Our strict policy is Armory Practice for the manufacture of all our products. Developed by the United States Armory, Armory Practice is the standard in which components possess functional and physical characteristics equivalent in performance, reliability, and maintainability to another item of similar or identical purposes. All elements in our ECUS are 100% interchangeable including refrigeration tubing, wiring and fabricated components. Commercial ECU manufacturers often switch component suppliers or revise configurations without notification.


Product Comparison

Superior Workmanship and Reliability

Typical Commercial Electronics Enclosure


Standard MilAIR Electronics Enclosure

Commercial Compressor Installation
Insufficient compressor and tubing support,
lacking copper vibration isolators.


MilAIR Standard Compressor Installation
Full compressor and tubing support
Copper Vibration Isolation (Inlet/Outlet).