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MilAIR engineering offers a wide range of professional expertise in the development of thermal products for the most demanding military applications.

Design modeling is performed by our engineers using virtual engineering 3-D modeling tools. At the core of our capabilities is Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) feature-based design software, Creo Elements (formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER). All product development, analysis, and technical data packages are created using this software to ensure compliance with our company's ISO 9001 standards.

Additional engineering disciplines include the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software Mechanica to calculate the structural integrity, reliability, thermal and flow characteristics and physical motion of our products prior to manufacturing. Mechanica analyzes native Creo Elements models and stores the analyses within the model files. This reduces development time by allowing our engineers the ability to perform virtual integrated optimization while eliminating the need for data translation. This is one more reason why MilAIR is setting the new standard in the thermal industry by providing our customers complete design verification.

All technical data packages are developed using the mono detail method; all parts and assemblies are detailed down to the lowest possible level until there is one part per drawing. This methodology allows configuration management down to the lowest level, thereby ensuring that spare parts and LRUs will always be compatible with the original equipment. Finally, each drawing has its own Shop Traveler that requires final inspection of the part or assembly. This means that the Acceptance Test and any Physical Configuration Audit are very easy tasks because of the thoroughly documented inspection process.


Manufacturing Engineering & Purchasing

Upon official release of the Technical Data Package, our Manufacturing Engineering (Process) Department reviews the drawings and develops the Fabrication/Assembly Plan. The manufacturing plan is composed of process sheets (Work-In-Process Travelers) and material requisitions. Manufacturing Engineering responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Generating purchase requisitions for purchased parts and materials.
  2. Development of tooling.
  3. Preparing and issuing process sheets (travelers).
  4. Identifying special processes and unique manufacturing methods required.
  5. Flow down of technical and quality requirements through drawings and Engineering Procurement Specifications (EPS) to suppliers.
  6. Procurement of all raw materials, purchased parts, and subcontracted process to meet the program budget and schedule.

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