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MilAIR Purchase Orders

Purchase orders need to be reviewed and accepted by the supplier. Supplier must confirm quality requirements, price, and delivery. Verbal confirmation by phone conversation, or voice mail, is not acceptable. Without written confirmation of all items listed on the purchase order, supplier accepts all conditions and there in listed requirements on the purchase order by default through performance.

Failure to meet the requirements, after acceptance, of the established quality, price, and delivery requirements may have adverse affects on your standing as a MilAIR supplier, and will reflect on the performance metrics as shown on the supplier performance evaluations.

All suppliers must comply with MRQ-001 General Requirements, even if not indicated on the purchase order. All sections of MRQ-001 apply to all purchase orders, unless the section is specifically noted as not applicable (N/A), or excluded, on the purchase order. It is the supplierÔÇÖs responsibility to acquaint themselves with all MilAIR Quality Requirements.

Please review the purchase order and communicate needed changes to any purchase order to the respective Supply Chain Agent listed on the purchase order.

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