JA Puresite J2.5


MilAIR's standard product line of Split Systems are specifically designed for use in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) protected enclosures. This system provides a hermetic environment by means of an externally mounted condenser assembly and a separate internally mounted evaporator assembly. Refrigerant lines and electrical connections are passed through the shelter wall using sealed bulkhead connectors. These units are qualified for use in the US Army SICPS4 and CPP shelters. All models provided herein are customize-able to meet your particular requirements.



SICPS4 Compatible

Cooling: 18,500 BTU/hr
Heating: 11,950 BTU/hr
CFM: 550
 Input Voltage: 230V-1 Phase 50/60 Hz 
Refrigerant: R407c
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Cooling: 26,000 BTU/hr
Heating: 11,950 BTU/hr
CFM: 700
Input Voltage: 208V-3 Phase 50/60 Hz 
Refrigerant: R407c
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