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How to Become a MilAIR Approved Supplier

The new reality is that our business environment is more competitive than ever before. MilAIR needs suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement, and who can help us deliver a product better, faster and smarter. Working with our purchasing, production, and quality departments in a long-term business environment will strengthen our base of suppliers and the integrity of the components of our products.

Ways to become a MilAIR approved supplier.

  1. Third party certification to a known and accepted quality system standard (such as ISO 9001/2008, AS9100, or other) in good standing. Suppliers are required to complete a MilAIR Supplier Self Assessment form FM-066, and submit it along with a copy of their certification to the MilAIR quality department for approval.
  2. Be an approved supplier, in good standing, with Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, or Raytheon. Suppliers are required to complete a MilAIR Supplier Self Assessment form FM-066, and submit it along with a copy of the afore mentioned companies approved supplier list with their name and approvals highlighted to the MilAIR quality department for approval.
  3. Request for MilAIR QSA audit. MilAIR will come to your facility and perform a quality systems analysis audit. Upon successfully meeting the requirements of this audit your company would then be added to the MilAIR approved suppliers list.
  4. Your companiesÔÇÖ products are required for use by MilAIR customers purchase order/contract requirements. No action is needed on your part for this approval.

For assistance with any of the above methods, or for clarification of requirements, please contact the MilAIR quality department.

Please note: Suppliers are selected on the basis of a firm's ability to satisfy MilAIR requirements, which include quality, price, delivery and continuity of supply, capacity and reliability. It is important to note that although MilAIR has a strong base of suppliers, it is a competitive business environment and at times there may not be an immediate opportunity in an area.

The supplier shall treat all product(s), material(s) and specification(s) received from MilAIR as confidential in nature. Depending on the type of product or process, suppliers may be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement prior to doing business with MilAIR.

No MilAIR or MilAIR customer material is to be viewed or provided to subcontractors without prior written authorization from MilAIR. All sub-tier contractors must meet applicable flow down requirements listed in the purchase order/contract, and be approved in the manners listed above.

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